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Finest Leather. Foremost Craftsmanship. Best Pricing. Together in one exceptional line of English Bridles and Accessories.

Arc de Triomphe® summons its exclusive quality from a unique marriage of old-world tanning methods and cost-effective manufacturing. Our bridles and accessories are made from the finest Full Grain leather, allowed to mature gradually during the vegetable tanning process, which creates a durable product with a smooth soft finish. Each piece of leather is unique and may have slight surface markings which are inherent to a natural “full grain” hides. The never-rust stainless steel buckles (ssb) are made in Germany by Herm. Sprenger.

We don’t make the world’s most expensive bridles and accessories, but many believe we make its best.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized dealer please contact us.


Click any of the links below for answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. Don’t see what you need? Click here to contact us directly.

I do not have a tack store that is local to me but I would like to purchase a product. What should I do?

Please feel free to give us a call! We will gladly look in our records and find a store near you with the product that you are looking for in stock who is willing to ship to you.

If my local tack store does not have the specific item that I want or is not an authorized dealer, how can I purchase it?

If your local tack store is an authorized dealer but does not have a specific item, they may order it at any time. We DO NOT have a minimum for re-orders so getting the product that you want should be simple.
If your local tack store is NOT an authorized dealer, please have them call 1-866-919-9451 to inquire about becoming a dealer.

How do I customize a bridle and/or strap good?

Whether you are looking to modify a stocked item or create a totally custom piece, we are happy to cater to your needs.
Please note our custom ordering procedure below:
-All custom orders must be legibly hand written or typed and faxed to: 1-866-919-9451 or complete our Custom Quote Form
-All custom orders must be pre-paid in full and payment is NON-refundable
Custom orders will be placed with the factory once payment is received. Depending on the item, your order may take up to 12 weeks (3 months) for delivery.
No exchanges, returns or cancellations on any custom order.

Does ADT TACK offer replacement parts?

Yes. We offer replacement parts for all of our bridles, including reins. We normally stock pieces and parts to all of our stocked bridles. However, if we do not have the particular piece that you are looking for at the present time, we will be happy to order it for you!

Does ADT TACK offer tack repair services?

Yes. We offer “most” tack repairs through a third party leather repair person. She has more than 30 years experience in the tack repair business and is located in Southeastern Pennsylvania as well.
If you would like a repair done or to have an item looked at for a quote, please send your product to:
c/o Sharon
1353 Holicong Road
New Hope, PA 18938
In order to offer this affordable service, you will be billed by ADT TACK, LLC. We do not profit from helping you get your tack repaired.

I want to order a bridle or accessory, but I do not know what size to buy. What should I do?

We offer sizing charts for each category available. If you have additional questions after reviewing the charts, please call 1-866-919-9451.

How do I clean my leather and what care is recommended?

For your new leather to last, you must take pride in its care and treat it with the same respect as the craftsman who created it. It is important to note: Leather’s biggest enemy is our own neglect. Rain, sun, sweat, dirt, etc.. do not damage leather. Chronic neglect in dealing with these factors can result in its definitive loss.
-Avoid storing your leather in hot, dry areas or in cold, damp places.
-When cleaning, never soak it in water.
-When oiling your leather do so sparingly. Apply it only when necessary and only to clean leather.
-Never soak or dip your leather directly into oil.
-An all in one cleaner that promises to clean and condition in just one-step may contain detergents that over time can damage leather.

Why does my solid color bridle or strap good seem two toned?

The leather used to create your bridle or strap good is a Full Grain, Vegetable tanned leather. This is as natural as your own skin. And like your own skin, leather will absorb dye as needed. For example, if the keepers and noseband are the same color, but the crown strap on the noseband is a bit darker, it is because the leather in the lighter areas is shaped. You can see the darker strap turn lighter if you bend it slightly.

Why do I see slight imperfections in my leather?

The leather used to create your bridle or strap good is a Full Grain, Vegetable tanned leather. This is as natural as your own skin. And like your own skin, leather will show nicks, veins and marks. Other companies that show “perfect” leather all the time are sanding and buffing these imperfections out and this process compromises the strength and integrity of the leather.
This is not a defect. It is actually a sign of the highest quality tanning process.

Does ADT TACK offer donations, sponsorships and/or door prizes?

We’re always happy to offer our support, each request is handled on an individual basis. Please contact us at 1-866-919-9451.

I would like to become a dealer of Arc De Triomphe products. What is the procedure?

If you are interested in a visit, you may call us at 1-866-919-9451. Unlike a normal “Rep” visit, you will only be focusing on the products of ADT TACK, LLC. A knowledgeable ADT TACK owner or employee will take you on a personal tour of the products of Arc De Triomphe.



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