Classique Anatomical Bridle with Reins

$600 – $620

Elegant French tradition meets modern day design with our Classique Anatomical Bridle. Featuring a wide contoured Mono style crownpiece for even pressure distribution, this bridle provides ultimate comfort for your horse. Measuring just over 1” and delicately accented with cream piping, both the noseband and browband have strategically curved characteristics made to accommodate sensitive facial nerves of your horse. Bridle comes complete with reins and features Stainless Steel Harness Buckles (SSHB) at ½”cheek ends. Available in Brown with Cream Piping (w/Flat Rubber SSHB or Flat Laced SSS Rein option) and Black with Cream Piping (w/Black Calfskin Covered SSHB Reins).


Available Length:

  •  Cob
  • Horse
  • Oversized

Available Rein Options:

  • Brown with Cream Piping and Flat Rubber Reins (SSHB – Stainless Steel Harness Buckle)
  • Brown with Cream Piping and Flat Laced Reins (SSS – Stainless Steel Stud)
  • Black with Cream Piping and Calfskin Covered Reins (SSHB – Stainless Steel Harness Buckle)
  • X-Long Reins available upon request (+$20.00)

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